Volleyball Training Program From OTL

The OTL volleyball training program is a comprehensive program that addresses the physical, nutritional and character aspects of the game.

Fortifying The Physical

Natural talent alone does not make a great player. A well-structured skills training and conditioning program is crucial to an athlete’s long-term success and holistic development. For volleyball players, this will ensure optimized performance and longevity on court as well as reduced risk of injury.


Volleyball is an intense sport. Constant jumping, long rallies and overtime matches can take a toll on any player. Developing a strong cardiovascular base allows a player to keep up with varying levels of action and recover quickly. Endurance building involves low intensity activities like squats, sit-ups, cycling and jogging.

Strength And Power

It takes well-developed upper and lower body power to be able to jump high enough and dig, spike or block. Strength training enables players to generate explosive power while core exercises help develop stability and allow players to easily ‘transfer’ power from the lower to the upper body. Jumping exercises, leg weights, medicine ball throws and plyometrics are some examples of volleyball training workouts that focus on strength and power.


Agile limbs allow players to squat or dive without injuring themselves. It also makes them more capable of a wider range of movements. Proper stretching prepares the muscles for physical exertion and sudden or quick-changing movements.

The OTL Volleyball Training Program Also Encompasses Nutrition And Character Building

Speed And Agility

Our volleyball training exercises also emphasize the need to develop speed and agility. Once the ball is served, the resulting action and reaction is usually a fast-paced play that requires a player who can quickly follow the ball, pass it or return it. The most successful volleyball players are also agile as they are powerful. They can execute successful plays while dodging, diving or ducking. Sprinting and lateral drills are good ways to develop speed and agility.

Injury Prevention

Volleyball is a high-impact sport and players can be prone to injury, especially if they are inadequately trained. Common sites for volleyball-related injuries include wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle and knee. Stronger muscles are better equipped to handle the rigors of the sport, which is why strength conditioning is a key component of volleyball training here at OTL. We also ensure that our players have adequate recovery time to avoid injuries related to muscle overuse.

Serving The Right Nutrients

Volleyball is a physically demanding activity and proper nutrition is crucial to meeting the demands of the sport. Our volleyball team training incorporates nutritional guidelines for players, and not just during competition days. After all, a healthy diet should be built upon a pattern of healthy food choices.

Competitive volleyball players need healthy carbohydrates like brown rice, quinoa or whole meal breads and pastas; lean proteins like lentils, lean meat and seafoods as well as healthy fat sources like nuts and avocado. Fruits and vegetables are, of course, staples.

Our nutritional advice is guided by a dietary professional’s assessment and recommendation. We also help ensure proper hydration as well as provide instruction on meal intake before games and during recovery.

Building Character

We believe that volleyball training should not just develop successful players; it should also help mold well-rounded individuals and productive members of the community.

Our team of coaches instill the importance of authenticity, unity, perseverance, purpose and giving it your best—values that are just as essential outside of the court as they are inside.

Each player under the OTL volleyball training program must abide by our code of conduct and must align with our values as a sporting community.

Experience 365 Volleyball Training Program – The OTL Way

Our 365 Training offers participants a combination of skills training and sports conditioning designed to prepare athletes for the physical and mental demands of volleyball. New players are always welcome! All participants will be grouped and trained according to both age and skill level.  

Who can participate: Players aged 13 to 16

When: Dates To Be Determined

Where: Shiloh Community Church

Cost: TBD

365 Training

This program will develop solid fundamentals in order to excel in both middle school and high school volleyball.

Each session will consist of 1 hour of skills training and 1 hour of sport conditioning. 

Nutrition training and character building exercises are also included!