VALUES & Beliefs

We believe that integrating these five points in and out of the gym will enhance and build upon our foundation of excellence.


Be true to who you are and inspire one another along the way! Find a way to connect to each other and know each other well enough to challenge each other to be the best.  Strive to become great, together!

Create UNITY

We aspire to be ‘for’ each other.  We support, encourage  and cheer one another on. Be patient with each other.  Take initiative to get to know one another, embrace differences, and get connected. Strive to Unite!


Our practices, training, workouts and classes will only be beneficial if you are willing to work hard.  Be ready to give your very best for your team. Be radically responsible for yourself and your performance. Hold your coaches and each other accountable.  We have FUN because we work hard and we work hard because it’s FUN!


Adversity is part of life and thankfully we have each other. Abandon your comfort zone and grow. Cultivate an environment of learning. If you make a mistake…try, try again! Embrace the journey and welcome the challenges! See obstacles as opportunities.

Know your PURPOSE

Why do you play? Create goals for the future and work to make those a reality. Have a plan. Walk the talk. Don’t hold back. Allow all of your physical and mental ability to be emptied on the court so you can learn and grow as much as you possibly can. Always leave a place better than when you arrived.

Be apart of something great, live out your values and don’t be afraid to put it all…On The Line!