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OTL Club Volleyball in Phoenix is cultivating a community of players, parents and coaches that strive for excellence together.

The meaning behind the letters O.T.L. or “On The Line” is we hold to a standard of excellence that is rooted in a deep desire to provide more value to the volleyball community by building relationships, promoting personal growth and sharing our passion! OTL Volleyball separates itself from other Phoenix volleyball clubs with its five pillars of excellence encompassing quality coaching and performance training.


The 4 C’s are Volleyball Club, Volleyball Clinics, Volleyball Camps, and our Volleyball Community. Whether you’ve never played before or if you want to make a transition from a recreational league with the goal of developing your individual skills, then the Community and Camp Programs are what you want to look at.

If you have mastered the fundamentals from playing competitive volleyball for 2-3 years and you’re looking to refine your existing skills with the goal of competing at a higher level, then review the Clinic and Club Programs.

Club Volleyball Programs In Phoenix

One proven way to elevate a player’s performance over a period of 12 months is to have them be a part of a skills training and sports conditioning program. OTL’s volleyball coaches are experienced in both of these arenas.

Our Phoenix volleyball program will help develop the core fundamentals providing the opportunity to excel in middle school and high school volleyball. We also include nutritional training and exercises that help build character.

OTL Volleyball’s training system encompasses and revolves around the following five pillars for our volleyball club.


Head volleyball coach Leah Kauffman played volleyball competitively through high school, club volleyball, college as well as a semi-pro team for adults. She brings a wealth of firsthand experience through a passionate and authentic style of coaching.

Her coaching began back in 2008 with a varsity high school volleyball team. She then helped to assist on a collegiate level and today focuses on teaching the game of volleyball to every player that comes through her program in Phoenix, AZ.

Coach Leah’s strengths as a volleyball coach are centered around performance analysis and a player’s skills being broken down into smaller segments so that they may be easily understood and executed. Coach believes in repetitive training in order to develop sound skills.  

All of the coaches at OTL represent the principles and values that Coach Kauffman has built a foundation on for her club. These principles and values through sports help contribute towards the character building of young teenage athletes.

OTL Volleyball offers an introduction for beginning to intermediate players. Athletes will be taught the fundamental skills and various training techniques that we use to help each player build upon those skills. This camp will include a one-hour conditioning session from Kidfit!

If you have a 12 or 13-year-old daughter that needs to develop more individual volleyball skills like passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and serving in a training environment come join our 8 week T2 Clinic! Read the full description below for dates, times, and location.

Join OTL as we teach the game of volleyball to the parents of our amazing athletes. Our coaching staff will go through the rules as well as officiating calls and cover the basic techniques of each volleyball skill. 

Come to our volleyball clinics and you will learn how to serve, pass, set, hit, and block just as your daughters do! OTL coaches will instruct on basic drills teaching the game of volleyball to the parents. Our clinics are open for parents to ask questions and we will wrap up with an organized volleyball game.

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