Finnley Smith – North Central Illinois


“My experience with both OTL and Coach Kauffman have been two of the greatest experiences. I loved the idea of OTL, where we had both the volleyball aspect, as well as the conditioning and lifting aspect to be an overall great athlete. It really helped me with my future volleyball career. I also loved having Coach Kauffman as a coach. She knows exactly what she is talking about when it comes to volleyball and she is also very caring. She will help her athletes in anyway that she can to make them better.  Whether it is just helping them with a friend or family problem, or helping them with their skills in volleyball, she is willing to do anything for her athletes. I learned so much from her at OTL and I am so happy that I got to experience such an amazing coach.”  

Cailee Kersh – Scottsdale Community

Middle Blocker/RS-2016

“My experience playing for OTL was better than any other volleyball experience I have had. Coach Kauffman believed in training the whole athlete. By training with Coach Kauffman I was stronger than I had ever been with my other club I had played for.  Coach Kauffman’s love for volleyball and her encouragement along with training helped me achieve my goals of playing college volleyball. I am so thankful for my experience with not only On The Line but with Coach Kauffman as well. You won’t find a better club or a better coach!”