what is excellence?

the Coaching

WE are Mentors

focused on developing character and adding value to each player’s lives.  We look out for the best interest of each player.

We aim to serve through the act of leading and lead through the act of serving!

the Training

WE are Former Athletes

focused on establishing hard work and discipline in how we train. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Building a caring culture that promotes competing with an all in attitude of learning!

the TEAM

WE are a Team

focused on providing opportunities for everyone to do their best! We are driven to unite individuals with a shared mission.

When the individual disappears, the team becomes the most important thing!

the passion

WE are Volleyball Fanatics

focused on spreading the message of why we do what we do. We simply want to share the love of the game.

Do what you love and love what you do!

The OTL Commitment

WE COMMIT to staying TRUE to who we are!

WE COMMIT to sharing our PASSION for the game!

WE COMMIT to providing a GREAT volleyball experience!