OTL Volleyball offers the most comprehensive volleyball programs in Phoenix, providing players with lifelong benefits, on and off of the court.

Our volleyball programs are anchored on OTL’s core values and beliefs: authenticity, unity, best effort, perseverance and purpose. At each training session, camp or clinic, our players can always expect an enriching experience fueled by our passion for the sport.

We teach players every aspect of the game and provide proper training that will support their level of play. This way, our athletes can meet the demands of the game and perform at their best—physically and mentally.

Our mission is to Teach, Train and Perform.

Volleyball Training

Our volleyball training program is designed to nurture hard working, disciplined and highly skilled volleyball players, amid a culture of healthy competition and grassroots support.

Innate skill is vital to the makings of a great volleyball player but without proper and well-structured training, intrinsic abilities can only go so far.

The OTL training program addresses the unique physical requirements of the game, allowing players to capitalize on their strengths and reach their full potential.

Repetitive movements, long rallies and drawn out matches can take its toll on a player, no matter how skilled or powerful. A key component of the OTL volleyball program is building endurance.

Another important aspect of volleyball-specific training is developing upper body power for those spikes and blocks as well as lower body power to make those high jumps.

In any sporting activity, injuries are often inevitable, but with proper training, it can be prevented or minimized. Our injury prevention and flexibility modules ensure that our players are physically prepared to withstand the high impact demands of the game.  

Our volleyball program also focuses on developing speed and agility, which allows players to quickly move around the court and follow ball direction.

Volleyball Camps And Volleyball Clinics

We offer specialized and skill-specific training through our volleyball camps and clinics.

Volleyball Spikers and Bumpers is ideal for players aged six to 12. It provides a gentle introduction of the sport to beginner- and intermediate-level players.

Sweat Camp is for players aged 12 to 18 who have at least one year of competitive club experience. As the name implies, this camp focuses on high-intensity drills and volleyball-specific conditioning.

D&O Clinics are specialty programs that focus on either defense or offense. Players aged 16 to 18 years old will learn defensive skills in volleyball as well as techniques on how to run a higher level of offense.

Volleyball Community

We believe that nothing enhances the sport better than sharing the passion with the community, which is why we offer clinics for volleyball parents.

These volleyball 101 sessions for parents of our young athletes will include lessons, from rules and officiating calls to basic skill techniques. An organized volleyball game will mark the end of each session. This is a great time for everyone!

Summer Deals

Share the love of volleyball with our amazing summer deals.

Bring an OTL first timer to any of our events and receive a 10% discount on that event for both you and your friend.

For volleyball-loving families, sign one sibling up for any event and enjoy 20% off for each additional brother or sister.

Volleyball Tryouts

As the OTL community continues to grow, we are always eager to welcome new players to our club. We pride ourselves in offering a competitive and reasonable fee that provides best value for every dollar spent on our volleyball programs. The fee covers practices through May and training and conditioning programs for all teams. Learn more about it here.


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