If you are looking for volleyball camps in Arizona or volleyball clinics for beginners, you’ve come to the right place.

Our volleyball camps and volleyball clinics are open to players from ages 6 to 18. Regardless of skill level, we can help develop or hone your abilities, if you have passion for the sport and the desire to learn.

Bumpers & Spikers

A gentle introduction to volleyball for beginners to intermediate. Athletes will learn each skill and the different training techniques used to build upon those skills. This camp will include a one hour conditioning session from Kidfit!

Ages 6-12 

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Get ready to SWEAT!  This camp delivers high intensity drills and conditioning specific to VB.  Athletes will learn ball handling, skills training, teamwork and game tactics.  For advanced players with at least 1 year of competitive club experience. 

Ages 12-18

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D&O; Clinics

D&O Clinics are OTL specialty clinics focused on either Defense or Offense.  These one hour clinics will break down each skill necessary to run a higher level defense/offense.  Smaller Coach to Athlete ratios will provide a higher level learning experience. 

Ages 16-18

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Bumpers & Spikers (6 to 12 years old)

Includes one-hour conditioning session from Kidfit

Have you always wanted to learn the skill of passing in volleyball?

This volleyball camp is most ideal for beginner- to intermediate-level players. Here, participants will learn the basics of the sport like serving in volleyball as well as digging, setting, blocking and spiking.

Sports camps can sometimes be intimidating, especially for a competitive sport like volleyball. At this camp, we ensure a fun and supportive atmosphere conducive for learning and training. Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing the thrill of spiking in a volleyball match.

SWEAT Camp (12 to 18 years old)

Do you consider yourself an advanced player? Do you have at least one year of experience with a competitive club? Are you ready to level up?

This volleyball camp is for you!

SWEAT Camp is all about high intensity drills and volleyball-specific conditioning. Participants will learn about ball handling, game tactics, tips to improve teamwork and other technical skills.

If you want to improve on a certain skill like consistent setting in volleyball or the correct position for successful blocking in a volleyball match, the SWEAT Camp is the perfect place to start.

D&O Clinics (16 to 18 years old)

What does defense and offense mean in volleyball? Is one more important than the other? When is it time for defense or offense?

Find out the answers here. And more.

This is an OTL specialty clinic designed to make you a better and stronger defensive or offensive player. To ensure a more intensive learning experience, this camp has a smaller coach to player ratio.

Join our growing community of athletes and enthusiasts. Join an OTL volleyball camp or volleyball clinic today.