Passing Drills In Volleyball

Passing drills in volleyball are something OTL coaches spend a lot of time on in practice.

Do you want to be an outstanding volleyball player?

You need to develop the right form and technique. You also need to develop volleyball skills. Among these skills is passing.

Passing in volleyball means you hit the ball at the upper body level. This is usually done to direct the ball to another teammate. This teammate for the majority of the time is the setter.

You can use this move when receiving a serve from the opposing team. It can also be a dig. In volleyball, a dig is when you pass the ball from below.

This can happen when the ball is coming towards you from above. The goal is to stop the ball from hitting the floor and make a solid pass to the setter.

How To Teach Passing In Volleyball

In this video, we show you an example of passing drills. The three Ps of passing are posture, platform, and position.

Passing starts with proper posture. As demonstrated in the video, you should be in a low athletic posture. Your feet and shoulder should be width apart. Your knees should be slightly over your toes.

From this position, you should bring your platform together right in front of you. This should be at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Now, bring your hands together. Make sure the thumbs and wrists are tight and in line. Your shoulders should be rounded out and pressing forward.

Your arms should be out in front of you. This is to ensure that you pass the ball away from your body.

When passing the ball, try to move as much as possible except for when you are ready to pass the ball on contact. In the video, our club player Sofia is shown keeping her weight forward. This allows her to move left or right with ease.

Ideally, you should pass the ball mid-line. What does this mean?

Imagine: If you split your body right down in the middle, this is where your platform would be. This is where you want to make contact with the ball.

The final ‘P’ is position. Following the steps above, get into your passing position. Each ball you want to take should be mid-line.

This allows you to have greater control when you pass the ball. If the ball is on the outside, you need to move your feet so you can get into your position and pass in mid-line.

Why Are Volleyball Drills Important?

We believe that the key to developing top athletes is proper volleyball training. Volleyball drills are an essential component of our training program.

Drills help you hone your skills. As coaches, it also allows us to ‘correct’ skill areas that need improvement.

Volleyball drills are all about developing a habit. We train your body to do it the right way. Eventually, these skills will be second nature to you.

In the beginning, it’s normal to ‘think’ about the motions as you go through them. But as we keep practicing, muscle memory will take over. You’ll find that you’re better able to focus on other aspects of the game.

OTL is a Phoenix volleyball club committed to excellence. But we’re so much more than that. Want to learn more about passing drills in volleyball? Reach out to us today. We’d love to hear from you!

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