Volleyball Game Strategies Utilizing Video At Home

Videos Are Valuable Resources For Volleyball Game Strategies.

Now’s a great time to look at volleyball game strategies by watching videos of old games, whether yours or other teams. But it’s not enough to just watch. What’s more important is knowing what to look for and asking the right questions.

As a coach, analyzing volleyball video footage with your players is a great way to improve your offensive and defensive strategies in volleyball.

While it’s tempting to go right ahead and tell your players where to look, there’s also value in allowing them to focus first. Your role is to guide them. Help them make sense of the volleyball strategy that you want them to learn.

With younger players, a two-way and collaborative approach tends to work best. We can learn as much from them as they can from us. When talking to younger players, sometimes you may meet some resistance when you point out a mistake or a weakness. The best way to back this up is to show them.

Many young players are visual learners. Using videos is a wonderful way to reinforce your coaching strategies. It also helps you build rapport and develop a stronger connection.

Videos also allow you, and your team, to better assess your competitors and their strategy. While statistics and figures give you an overview of what they can do, videos provide an objective perspective.

As a coach, you can also use videos to highlight your players and help them take the next step towards their athletic careers.

Learning Game Strategies In Volleyball As A Player

If it’s a game that you’re in, it’s natural to look at how you did. That would be your first instinct and that’s fine. But you should also try to see it from your opponent’s perspective.

This will allow you to look at opportunities you may have missed, regardless of your skill level. Or analyze points of strength or weakness that you may not have recognized before.

Aside from reviewing basic volleyball strategy, watching videos also help you assess your communication skills as a team. How do you communicate? How does the other team communicate? Do they use a signaling system? How does your team adjust to changes during the game?

Answering these seemingly simple but probing questions can go a long way in improving your training and performance. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. A visual guide of your performance helps guide your team’s strategy and training program.

Volleyball Game Strategies You Can Develop From Watching Videos

Try and ask yourself these questions while watching the videos.

How fast are the hitters approaching? Are they running inside? Awareness of the hitter’s movements is crucial to setting up a successful block.
How many passers do you have on your team? What’s the passing line-up like? What changes can be done and to what end?
How can you improve the serve to help score more points for the team? Is there a way to determine which way the other team’s setter is running?

Here at OTL Volleyball, we believe in harnessing modern technology to level up our programs. Visit our YouTube channel and check out volleyball drills you can do at home. These are challenging times for all of us, but it doesn’t mean we can’t continue to learn and improve. Stay safe and keep learning!