How To Teach Setting In Volleyball

OTL Volleyball Coaches Walk Through How To Teach Setting In Volleyball.

Setting in volleyball means setting the ball into position. This is so the hitter can spike the ball over to the opposing team. Teaching how to set in volleyball is critical to a team’s success.

If you want to be a competitive player, you must learn how to pass and set correctly. Passing and setting are two of the most fundamental skills in volleyball. These can be developed through continuous practice and the right technique.

Guide To Setting A Volleyball

In this setting volleyball video, we cover the starting points to improve your setting technique.

The first point is to focus on foot placement. The right foot is always going to be in front of the left foot. This is the best stance for a setter in volleyball. This helps prevent the possibility of setting over the net.

Watching the footwork is key. You want to have left to right footwork. Always adjust to the ball based on the pass. Take a left to right approach as the setter always wants to be square with the target.

The second point is all about the arms. The arms should be in a neutral position. This is so you are ready to raise them up to your forehead. This prevents the arms from dangling down by your side while waiting to do something.

Next, brings your hands up so you can contact the volleyball right in front of your forehead. This way, you are looking at the ball. You also have a view of your hitter whom you will set the ball to. Receiving the ball at the forehead helps maintain setting accuracy.

Focus on extending the arms on the follow-through of each set. As a setter, you should extend your arms out to press towards their target. Extend your arms in a nice and relaxed manner but with firm contact.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

If the ball is spinning after your set, it means that it was not a clean contact. Make sure your palms do not touch the ball. Your fingers, together with your wrist, should do the work.

When you’re starting out, focus on learning how to catch consistently before refining your setting techniques. After all, you can’t set the ball if you don’t have it.

Setting In Volleyball Drills

Setting drills should be for every member of the team. At one point or another, each player will have to set the ball in a play.

For novice setters, it is crucial to develop proper technique and position. One such drill is tossing the ball to a setter whose hands are positioned up. The goal is to develop muscle memory of the correct arm and hand position for setting.

Another drill that can help players develop proficiency is setting to a fixed target. You can also work with a partner to set the ball back and forth from a long distance. This is a good way to improve strength and accuracy. Once you’ve mastered this, it will be easier to set the ball from a shorter distance.

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