How To Teach Blocking In Volleyball

Blocking In Volleyball Presented By Coach Ray Of OTL Volleyball.

First off: What is blocking in volleyball? Blocking is a skill wherein the player deflects the ball from the opponent. The goal is to prevent a successful attack and the other team from scoring a point. The blocker’s job is to block the spiked ball so that it goes back to the opposing team’s side of the court.

Blocking is a defensive play. It can be accomplished by one to two players jumping up and pressing over the net.

How To Improve Blocking Skills In Volleyball

As demonstrated in this video, the first technique is to work on the feet.

The player should have their feet a shoulder-width apart, with toes facing forward in an athletic stance. This puts the player’s hips square to the net as opposed to having the toes turned out.

If a player has their toes turned out this will open their hips and turn them away from the net. This helps the opposing team. The correct hips position and stance will allow the player to get the most powerful movement from a squat before the jump.

The Second Technique To Help Improve A Player’s Blocking Skills In Volleyball Is The Distance From The Net.

The player at the net should have their elbows by their rib cage. Their arms should be extended out in such a way that the fingertips are just touching the net.

This is the metric to go by. The player should be able to jump straight up and straight down. This distance from the net will allow the player to press over the net without touching it. This prevents giving the other team a point.

It’s also important to make sure that the player is not too far back from the net. When this happens, the ball will dribble down the face in between the player and the net.

The third technique is pressing over the net. The player should always have her hands at eye level as she moves across the net. The player should never drop her hands down to avoid touching the net.

When the player moves to press over the net, the shoulders should be up towards the ears.  The hands should be together with fingers spread far, wide and stiff.

The fourth point is a tight core. The player should have a tight core when in the pressing position. This way, the ball is pushed back and does not roll through loose hands.

It also allows the player to press over the net with greater force. This improves the probability of the ball going straight down on the court for a point. Otherwise, it will just deflect off a player loosely.

Drills To Improve Blocking In Volleyball

Blocking in volleyball drills can be practiced for improving technique and conditioning. Here are some drills to get started on.

  • One player does a block jump while a second player is holding the ball on the other side of the net. The second player can move the ball before the first player jumps. The goal is to practice proper blocking techniques with the correct hand position.
  • Two players position themselves on different sides of the court. One player can be an attacker; another can be the blocker. The ball is tossed up by the coach or a third player. Each of the players must make a successful attack hit or block the attack. The goal is to help players develop a blocking strategy while in the game.
  • Players line up as the outside hitter. Each one will run towards the net and do a basic jump. They will then move to the middle while the next person in line moves forward to perform the jump. The goal is to develop proper blocking footwork.

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