Advanced Volleyball Setting Drills While Seated

Are You Looking For Advanced Volleyball Setting Drills You Can Practice At Home?

Advanced volleyball setting drills can help you improve ball control. A successful and effective setter delivers quality touches. Volleyball setting drills can help players develop the habit of creating a clean set. A clean set increases your hitter’s chances of scoring.

One advanced level setting drill you can do at home focuses on practicing a no-spin set. This requires a second player. One will be the tosser who is standing up. The other one seated on the ground will be the setter.

The tosser gives a heads up before tossing the ball, so the other player is ready with hands in position. The setter sets the ball back to the tosser. The goal is to do it fast and without the ball spinning. This drill is also an exercise in developing fast hands and quality touches.

Other Seated Drills To Improve Setting In Volleyball

Here are some more seated setting drills you can try at home.

  • This is like the abovementioned drill except both players are seated across each other, about 10 feet apart. Set the ball back and forth. The goal is to throw the ball in a high arc and of course, get it to the other player. This is a simple and effective drill aimed at developing arm and wrist strength. It also helps practice coordination, especially for new setters.
  • Sit on a computer chair and practice setting the ball. You want the ball to reach the ceiling as you set it and move around. Just make sure you don’t break anything along the way. Choose a part of the house where there is a hard floor so you can easily scoot.
  • You’ll need a partner who will be the tosser, a chair, and a wall. Sit on the chair which should be about eight feet away from the wall. Find a target on the wall. Your partner, who is in front of you but slightly to the side, will toss the ball. Your goal is to set against the wall and catch it when it bounces back. Stay on the same spot and aim for five solid sets. Then move to the side and repeat. The goal is to master ball control from different angles.

Quick Tips For Setting In Volleyball

When it comes to setting, consistency is important. Ideally, your hands should be in the same position when you contact the ball each time. Imagine a triangle formed with your fingers. The ball should be right between your eyes when you let it go. Practice setting without the ball spinning. When it spins, it means it was not a clean contact and therefore, not hittable.

It’s also good to keep your hands high and your body position consistent. This makes it harder for the blockers of the opposing team to read your moves. When you visibly arch back, then it can only mean you are preparing to set back. If the ball is too far in front, you are obviously setting it forward.

Advanced Volleyball Setting Drills At OTL

Setting a volleyball looks easy if you are doing it right. On the court, we know it is a difficult skill to master. It requires the continuous practice of the right techniques. We teach setting drills for volleyball players as part of our programs.

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